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Ferris Wehbe is a longtime Hollywood resident, business owner, and activist.  Since 1983, he and his wife Debbie have operated F&D Properties which develops and manages real estate around the globe.  He's the owner of The Hollywood Corner restaurant, and his family founded and owns the acclaimed Hollywood Schoolhouse.

Ferris and Debbie reside in Hollywood where they have raised their four children: Ethan, Eric, Laila, and Nadia.


Hollywood, California — so often romanticized as the city of dreams — is truly a place where dreams are made real on a daily basis. This celebrated hub of American culture is proud home to the motion picture industry, a music recording mecca, and a popular destination of tourists from every corner of the globe. And, as anyone who lives here knows, Hollywood is currently undergoing a profound and magnificent renaissance, heralding what will undoubtedly be its new Golden Age.

While always the undisputed capital of glamour and a potent symbol of "the good life", the ground-level reality which too often confronted our starry-eyed visitors in recent decades was that this mythic El Dorado had decayed into a tawdry, run-down mockery of its former self. Tinseltown had indeed lived up to the name in perhaps the very worst sense, as a center of superficial attraction and little real worth.

Now all that has begun to change again. This section of the site explores both the Hollywood of yesterday and today, as well as looking ahead to what the Hollywood of tomorrow might be, and what we can do to shape it. From the cosmetic cityscape improvements and economic revitalization already underway, to the recent movement towards becoming a new and independent city, it is an exciting time indeed to be living here. We now have the historic opportunity to ensure that the future of our Hollywood is every bit as luminous as its past.

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